An obedient child essay

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An obedient child essay

It seemed that such a simple question should not cause controversy. However, insisting on unquestioning obedience, parents can get the wrong kind of love of their children, which they count on.

What should be the basis of the relationship between parents and children? Naughty Children and Styles of Upbringing Why did disobedient children not please their parents? Adults have to make efforts: It would be more convenient for the child to be controlled, like a toy with a remote control.

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In difficult or unusual situations, instead of mobilizing, they lose and pass. In the family circle, this is not visible. But coming to life, they show a very low level of adaptability and survive only in closed, strictly organized disciplines communities or in conditions of complete stagnation, when one day looks like another.

Obedience often means the absence of negative emotions in children: They are taught not to disturb parents and other important people, not to create problems, not to be angry, and so on. Growing up in conditions of hard taboos, together with bad emotions they suppress the positive.

They do not know how to rejoice, and they feel uncomfortable even on their birthday. The authoritarian style is the active suppression of the will of the child, and today not only the fathers but also mothers gravitate to it. At first, the children are literally trained, that is, they force them to repeat the commands many times until the performance reaches a high speed so that there was no time to think.

The task of education is solved in the same way: And although some things are not discussed, because they do not fall within the responsibility of the child, the basic format of communication between the parent and the child are not orders, but an agreement.

Children brought up in this vein do not ask the question — should you always listen to your parents, because they know that parents are not dictators, but advisers. In fact, duplicity and indifference are the two main consequences of this behavior. Double-dealing Keeping a double life, one for the parents and the other for oneself becomes the usual behavior for the child.

Normal relationships with peers, minor pranks, reckless entertainment are hidden from the parental eye. Keeping a double life is a defense against uncomprehending parents, but the manifestation of apathy is more dangerous. There is complete indifference to the surrounding world and the most terrible — to yourself.

There is no own opinion, there is an eternal alarm, how will parents react to a specific action. Indifference In the child, a feeling of own impotence and uselessness arises, and the realization of this comes with age.

Meanwhile, adults are immensely happy with their obedient child. Such behavior, in their opinion, is worthy of praise. As a result, unfortunate citizens grow up creating the gray mass of their country.

By obeying adults, the child loses his personal desires and aspirations. Becoming a slave and obedient, he will be uninteresting to other people. For the first time such problems emerge in the school, they become more serious in the institute, especially if the child, after listening to his parents, went to a different university than he wanted.

An obedient child essay

And all this is achieved by parents who want good. This is the same situation when the question when should you not listen to your parents has a direct answer. Conclusion But how to live with children, if they are not required obeying?

The answer is obvious. Mutual relations of parents with children should be built on respect, as, for example, with friends, co-workers, neighbors. Ask the child to do something, but do not order.

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Try to negotiate, discuss the problem. Children should help when they themselves want it, and forced help is more like bondage. Accustoming to work forcibly can lead to a complete aversion to it. Love for children is inherent in nature, and respect is not. Respect for children will lead to the most fruitful results.

Sincere, conscious obedience is possible only in a relationship of trust when the child recognizes that the parent is still coping better with the problems. Unlike strict, unconditional subordination in confidential relations, a child can ask questions that interest him, without fear of incurring the wrath of the parent.

Parents should often ask questions to the child, making it clear that the problem may have several solutions and now you are thinking about which option to prefer.Relationship Between Discipline and Obedience from the Montessori Perspective Words | 9 Pages.

Obedient child essays

MONTESSORI PHILOSOPHY ESSAY 10/06/06 RADEN DAVIS Explain the relationship between discipline and obedience from the Montessori perspective and discuss how discipline and obedience are linked to the development of the will.

MONTESSORI PHILOSOPHY ESSAY 10/06/06 RADEN DAVIS Explain the relationship between discipline and obedience from the Montessori perspective and discuss how discipline and obedience are linked to the development of the will. The word discipline' has a harsh connotation in today's society.

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Naughty Children and Styles of Upbringing

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Working too hard as a weakness on a essay. Nov 13,  · If you want to become an obedient, well-behaved child, respect your parents, even when you don’t agree with them. Having good manners, like saying “Thank you” and “Excuse me,” are great ways to show your parents respect%(24).

Montessori on "Discipline" and "Obedience" Montessori on "Discipline" and "Obedience" After achieving all those stages you can see a disciplined and obedient child through his/her own will power. saw these as a natural instinct that came from within. In this essay I intend to show that with the correct conditions the child can .

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