Colt 45 single action army (saa revolver

History[ edit ] The. Colt began work on the revolver inand submitted a sample to the U.

Colt 45 single action army (saa revolver

It became the most popular handgun on the American Frontier and the definitive firearm of the Old West. Army in was in caliber. Various Colt SAA models were built from to The differences between one generation and another are minor.

The calibers recently offered are. In the past many other cartridges have been offered. Altogether, some 30 different SAA calibers appear in Colt records. Colt SAA revolvers have been produced with a myriad of metal finishes. Most common is a combination of blued steel with a color cased frame.

Gold and silver plated examples were turned out by Colt to special order, and various combinations of nickel, silver, gold, color case, and blue have also been produced. Standard grips were walnut or black hard rubber. Exotic woods, metals, ivory, mother of pearl, stag, and probably other materials were also used for SAA grips.

Grips were smooth, checkered, or carved in various patterns. Colt logos, Colt medallions, and the American eagle are found on most SAA grips, but not by any means on all.

Colt 45 single action army (saa revolver

Colt offers A, B, C, and D factory engraving patterns. Of course, most of the famous frontier personalities of song and story used the SAA after it was introduced. Plenty frontier notables and gun fighters are associated with the famous Colt.

The SAA also became the favorite handgun of legions of anonymous peace officers, cowboys, farmers, miners, shop clerks, and gamblers. The Buntline model came with a 12 inch barrel but was otherwise similar to the regular SAA.

The modern SAA remains true to its heritage. It is a traditional Colt single action powered by flat springs. It is properly and safely carried with the hammer down on an empty chamber.

Nothing has changed in this regard sincenor should it.

Colt 45 single action army (saa revolver

Any single action revolver with the hammer down on an empty chamber is absolutely safe. It cannot be fired unless it is first manually cocked.

The SAA uses a hammer mounted firing pin, and a loading gate in the right side of the frame gives access for loading and unloading.


The steel ejector rod housing is located on the lower right side of the barrel, aligned with the loading gate. The fluted cylinder is easily removed for cleaning. It is removed from the right side of the frame. The current Single Action Army is an expensive revolver with a very high quality finish, assembled in the Colt Custom Shop.The Colt Single Action Army, also known as the Single Action Army, SAA, Model P, Peacemaker, M, and Colt is a single-action revolver with a revolving cylinder holding six metallic was designed for the U.S.

government service revolver trials of by Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company — today's Colt's Manufacturing Company — and was adopted as the . The Colt Single Action Army revolver protected and fed the frontiersmen, and when the Yukon and Alaskan Gold Rushes started in , it was the favorite pistol of the gold seekers.

Wolves, bear, and moose fell to the Colt, along with more than a . This is a nice, original, Colt Single Action Army that was manufactured in It has a few handling marks and a small spot where the bonding copper shows through, but otherwise appears to be in min Click for more info.

Oct 25,  · Hello, I'm a new member to these forums. Anyways, I have always been fascinated with handguns and I intend to buy one when I reach the legal age to do so.

I decided that I want a revolver, so I began searching the web for good revolvers and found the Colt Single Action Army, also known as the Colt.

The Colt SAA is as popular today as it was in the past. This legendary revolver played an important role in the history of the American West. In this detailed volume, Editor Dave Scovill shares his knowledge of how to develop accurate loads for these fine guns and the skills needed to shoot them.

It has a rear sight. Just as the SAA did. Your comment is laughable. This is meant to be a copy/repro of the Colt SAA (single action army) or "The Peacemaker" If you want an adjustable rear sight, get a copy of a gun with $

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