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He had been working in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, when he learned of an opportunity to be the play-by-play announcer for the Broome Dusters in Binghamton.

Columbia bible college term paper guide

The story of this Restoration is a forerunner that shows the travails of the creation of the modern State of Israel. Not only was the people cast off the land but the Divine Presence departed from Jerusalem Ezek.

Columbia bible college term paper guide

Once the city was bereft of the God of Israel, its Canaanite origins came to the fore Ezek. The process of restoration see Babylonian Exile would be a lengthy one that would carry the people along the same route traversed by their ancestors who emerged from Egypt.

Like the Exodus from Egyptthe one from Babylonia was depicted in miraculous terms. The sanctity of the newly occupied land could only be preserved if the Sabbath was observed, if each member of the nation cared for his brother, and if the men did not take wives from among the pagan peoples.

As the Lord revealed Himself by preparing a passage through the Red Sea, so would He reveal Himself by clearing a road through the desert separating Babylon from Jerusalem Isa. Israel would Columbia bible college term paper guide redeemed from its present as from its former bondage and gathered in from the four corners of the earth Isa.


As Israel took spoil from the Egyptians upon its earlier Exodus Ex. The miraculous and munificent return described by the prophet is echoed in the historical books. The neighbors of the repatriates from Babylonia "strengthened their hands" with silver and gold vessels, cattle and goods of all sorts Ezra 1: The Persian king Darius contributed toward the construction and sacrificial cult of the Temple Ezra 5: A single sentence states that "at the beginning of the reign" of King Ahasuerus Xerxes i.

It had traditionally been the case that Judah could sustain her rebellion against an imperial power, be it Assyria Isa. Thus it may be that Judah was involved or suspected of being involved in the Egyptian rebellion.

The historical source is silent for another period of almost 30 years. In the seventh year of Artaxerxes I Ezra was officially authorized by the king to "investigate" the situation in Judah and in Jerusalem in accordance with the law of God which was in his possession.

Jews ignorant of the divine law were to be instructed, while those who violated either that law or the law of the king were to be suitably punished whether by death, banishment, fine, or imprisonment Ezra 7: His immediate ancestor is given as Seraiah whose name is identical with that of the chief priest slain by Nebuchadnezzar at Riblah 2 Kings With the exception of two lacunae, the genealogy is identical with that in I Chronicles 5: As recorded in the Book of Ezra 7: The Hebrew term for "set" is identical with that used to describe the erection of the altar Ezra 3: What were his qualifications for this undertaking?

The scribe was not only one versed in writing cf. The divine law in which Ezra was proficient was "the Wisdom of his God in his possession" Ezra 7: In their wisdom, scribes were also called upon to advise kings cf.

Ahikar and fill other governmental posts so that scribe, "secretary," also appears as an official title II Sam. Whether in his capacity as scribe Ezra held a post in the Persian government, as some scholars have maintained, is uncertain.


The historical reason for the fame Ezra enjoyed may have been the revolt which broke out in Egypt ca. It was in the interest of the Persian king at just this juncture to strengthen his hold on the territory bordering on Egypt.

The Jewish garrison at Elephantine in Egypt having remained loyal to Artaxerxes throughout the decade of rebellion in lower Egypt, the king must have felt that he could rely on the Jews in the Trans-Euphrates as well.

Their loyalty would be assured if the internal law which they observed received the same absolute sanction as did imperial law Persian data; cf.

This later revolt included all of Egypt and the garrison at Elephantine acknowledged the ruling Egyptian king Amyrtaeus by June 19, The motive for the privileges granted Ezra are thus the same whether the king is hypothesized as Artaxerxes II or Artaxerxes I. Were the king in fact Artaxerxes II Ezra would have followed Nehemiah, whose arrival in Jerusalem, because of a correlation with a date in the Elephantine papyrus cf.

Cowley, Aramaic Papyri The arguments for the shifting of the king and the emendation of the date are numerous but most rest on specious considerations and dubious textual interpretation.

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The return under Ezra was a replica in miniature of that under Zerubbabel. Stress was laid on the unity of Israel. Included were two priestly families, Hattush of the Davidic line and 12 lay families numbering together with Ezra, 1, Special efforts were taken to enlist Levites, of whom 38 were recruited, and Temple servants, who numbered Ezra 8: Concern for Temple cult and personnel played a primary role.

Contributions of gold, silver, and vessels from the king and his advisers and from Jews remaining in Babylonia were duly recorded, carefully transported, and officially deposited in the Temple Ezra 7:Columbia's digital library collection websites are a gateway to digital reproductions and descriptions of photographs, posters, drawings, objects, ephemera, and manuscripts as well as other archival material from Columbia's rare and special collections.

A Dutch Jewish rationalist, Baruch or Benedict de Spinoza was born Spinozism, 3. in Amsterdam into a distinguished Jewish family, exiled from Spain Introduction {and living in the relative religious freedom of the Netherlands.

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Columbia bible college term paper guide

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