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dvd r re write asian

Steel Magnolias gets me every time that scene where Sally Field loses it after the funeral? I come by my cinema-induced emotions honestly my dad still tears up at Disney moviesand sometimes I even prefer a good flick that will let loose a few sniffles in the dark.

But I'm not a kid, and most of the movies that have made me cry are ones that I knew in advance I should have tissues handy for. It's a far different experience to be settled in for family movie night -- ready for a few laughs, a few "awwww" moments, and maybe a nice message or two -- and then get hit by THE SCENE: We've rounded up some family-targeted movies that fall into a few key "watch out" categories and might make the kind of childhood memories you'd rather avoid.

Warning -- lots of spoilers ahead! Death of an Animal Even the most hardened moviegoers can lose it when an innocent animal suffers on-screen, and kids are hardly the toughest nuts.

Dog lovers, especially, beware: Many of the saddest movies on this list deal with painful events befalling man's best friend. When Wilbur's dear friend and constant champion weaves her last web after doing so much for others, many kids are caught unprepared. This exceptionally loyal dog lives a long life before passing on, but much of it is spent waiting in vain for a beloved owner who has died unexpectedly.

If you think this based-on-a-true-story tale is a typical dog movie, beware. Many families think they're in for silly dog antics Skip is another movie dog who ultimately dies of old age -- but not before being bullied and beaten and nearly perishing in some very sad scenes.

Along with Bambi, Old Yeller is one of the most frequently cited emotionally traumatizing movies for kids. After the brave, loyal dog has a run-in with a rabid wolf, his young owner must put him down himself.

This story about the loss of an exceptionally intelligent, loyal pet offers both joys and sorrows for animal lovers. Where the Red Fern Grows: Life is hard for everyone in the Ozarks in the s, and raccoon hounds Big Dan and Little Ann are no exception.

Their tragic end is bound to leave animal-loving kids in tears. Adapted from the novel by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, this heartrending tale of a boy who loses his beloved pet deer addresses the often-painful process of growing up.

The Fox and the Hound: The main animal characters in this movie don't die, but they aren't allowed to be friends anymore, and their enforced separation is really hard for young kids to take.

Death of a Child Many kids, especially really young ones, have no sense of their own mortality -- and why should they? So seeing a young person in danger or worse can be extremely distressing.

These movies deal with children's deaths and the emotional aftermath. Grave of the Fireflies: Beautifully animated but unrelentingly sad, this heartbreaking WWII-set anime tale centers on two children -- brother and sister -- who sicken and die. The unexpected death of preteen Vada's best friend by bee sting, no less hits many kids very hard, especially since much of the rest of the movie has a sweetly nostalgic feel.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green: Technically Timothy doesn't die, but he disappears forever, causing pain for those who loved him, which can be just as hard for kids to deal with. Death of a Parent Few things are more upsetting to young children than something bad happening to a parent on-screen -- separation is bad enough, and death is even worse.

dvd r re write asian

All these movies include scenes in which a parent is lost or in which the loss is recent or imminent: Bambi's mother's death takes place offscreen, but it's still the first thing most viewers remember, even decades later.Michael R.

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