Existentialism in a country doctor english literature essay

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Existentialism does not offer a set of doctrines or a single philosophy system. It has been diversely defined and interpreted by various thinkers over the years. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify certain traits of this school of thought. Srivastava enumerates them as follows: These tenets of existentialism have been widely reflected in the literature of the world since the advent of Sartre who established an interaction between literature and philosophy in his writings.

Existentialism sartre essay on existentialism

Almost all great writers of the present generation have handled the doctrines of existentialism in their works. As a novelist, Anita Desai exhibits a strong inclination towards the existentialist interpretation of the human predicament. A woman novelist, Desai has won a niche by exploring the emotional world of women, bringing to light the various deeper forces at work in feminine sensibility as well as psychology.

This predilection leads her to examine the psyche of her women protagonists when they are confronted with the absurdity of life.

This draws her attention to the darker side of life. She projects a tragic vision in her novels by placing her female protagonists in hostile situations. Desai further examines her women protagonists as individuals who find themselves forced into uncongenial environments, fighting against the odds.

I — Jan, tragic tension between the individual and their unfavourable environment acquires the dimensions of existential angst. Many critics have traced shades of existentialist thought in the novel of Anita Desai.

Existentialism in a country doctor english literature essay

Time and again her themes and characters have been interpreted in the light of existential philosophy. In this regard it has been pointed out: Her central theme is she existential predicament of an individual, which she projects through incompatible couples- very sensitive wives and ill matched husbands.

She is a minute observer and perceives everything mutely, minutely and delicately. She adds a new dimension turning inward into the realities of life and plunges into the deep-depths of the human psyche to score out its mysteries and chaos in the minds of characters.

A close study of the texture and theme of the novel in relation to the tenets of existentialism justifies the above observation.

This novel deals with the existential angst experienced by the female protagonist Nanda Kaul, an old lady living in isolation. It also projects the inner turmoil of a small girl, Raka, who is haunted by a sense of futility. Thirdly, it presents the plight of a helpless woman, Ila Das who is in conflict with forces that are too powerful to be encountered, resulting in her tragic death.

Thus, the existential themes of solitude, alienation, the futility of human existence and struggle for survival form the major themes of the novel. Fire on the Mountain falls into three sections, each further divided into several short chapters of unequal length.

In all, the book runs to pages. The structural unity, as suggested by the section captions is offered by Carignano, Nanda Kaul and Raka, running counter to one another complemented by that of Ila Das also provide unity of structure.

Like the other works of Anita Desai, the present novel contains neither any story value nor events that are interesting by themselves.

The entire novel revolves round the existential angst experienced by the women protagonists. The story revolves round the inner lives of the two female protagonists, Nand Kaul and Raka. Nanda Kaul is the wife of Mr.

Kaul, the Vice-Chancellor of the Punjab University. I — Jan, Kaul is living in Carignano, far from the madding crowd.

Existentialism in a country doctor english literature essay

She is leading a life of isolation and introspection. She shuns all human company. But this seeming quietude does not last long. Raka arrives at Carignano to convalesce after her typhoid attack.

The old woman and the young girl live in double singleness. But as days pass by, Nanda Kaul finds herself drawn towards Raka, something she had not expected.Franz Kafka And A Country Doctor English Literature Essay Published: November 21, "A country doctor" by Franz Kafka is a story of a doctor who has to overcome so many challenges beyond his control in order to attend to a patient.

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Existentialism in ‘A Country Doctor’ In “A Country Doctor”, several principles of existentialism are demonstrated via changes that takes place in doctor, the main character. Being an anti-existential character, the doctor has no control upon the situations that he is in.

Existentialism Existentialism The purpose of this essay is to summarize the main views of Nagel and Taylor and to determine if they are too pessimistic in nature, or if in fact, Wolf’s standards for how to live are indeed too low. Because existentialism is treated as a “lived” philosophy that is understood and explored through how one lives one’s life rather than a “system” that must be studied from books, it is not unexpected that much existentialist thought can be found in literary form (novels, plays) and not just in the traditional philosophical treatises.

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