Facebook adding music services essay

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Facebook adding music services essay

The top discussion topics on the I Love Music forum, 28 May Screengrab The culture of any internet platform grows out of what its users do and care about, but their behaviour is also guided by limits and defaults baked into the technology. What the platform lets its users do is important, but just as important is what the platform lets its moderators stop.

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And with the off-the-shelf bulletin board software that drove most music forums, admins had less power than they liked to pretend. On I Love Music, we would talk about banning unruly users, but had no ability to do anything but delete individual posts.

Any really determined abuser could get around whatever limits we imposed. To be a moderator was to wake up and find threads on pop bands flooded overnight with Japanese enema pics, or wearily deal with a new troll whose gimmick was pretending to be a werewolf.

Facebook adding music services essay

Music forums aligned themselves with the libertarian spirit of the pre-social media internet, the idea that open discussion was always a good, and that online communities would police themselves. That attitude was partly ideological, partly naive, and ultimately wrong, but it was also pragmatic.

Given the real limits of what admins could do with the technology and time they had, they were always likely to lean towards being permissive. For a while, it worked. The forums were small and friendly enough to become virtual communities, happy to pick up electronic litter and give undesirables a wide berth.

They spawned offline meet-ups, where adults would awkwardly introduce one another as DJ Martian or the Pinefox. People came for the music and stayed for the friendship. This sense of belonging, like the passion for argument, is something music forums had learned from the old pop press, where part of the trick of Smash Hits or the NME was making readers feel they were part of a secret gang.

Now you could hang out with the gang all day.

Facebook adding music services essay

But as the focus of online life shifted to FacebookTwitter and other social networks, the music forums faded.Course catalog for The Juilliard School, a performing-arts college in New York City offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in dance, drama and music.

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