Guidance services

Does your administrator know and understand the scope and vision of your school counseling program? Have you developed data-driven results and objectives of your program?

Guidance services

Individual Counseling The counselor works one-on-one with students who have personal or school-related difficulties to help make school a successful experience.

Students learn skills to develop appropriate behavior patterns for dealing with classroom activities and relationships. Small-Group Counseling Students are placed into groups based on needs, which are assessed through a survey completed by classroom teachers. The groups teach students skills; they are not support groups or therapy sessions.

Crisis Intervention The counselor actively participates in the Incidence Response Teams in the buildings to identify and address the immediate needs of a crisis situation. In response, the counselor meets the needs of students or staff through individual or small group counseling. Consulting Services The counselor assists teachers in implementing behavior and classroom management techniques for students.

Relevant materials and resources are provided to teachers. Assessment Services School assessments are coordinated, administered, and interpreted through the guidance office.

The counselor can then interpret student information, such as test results, to help students, parents, and teachers use this information appropriately. Information Services Orientations at the kindergarten, grade 3, and grade 6 levels are organized through the guidance office.

Information on child development is provided for teachers and parents, and student observations are used for information gathering. In addition, the counselor is involved with kindergarten registration and screening and participates in parent-teacher conferences to exchange information and strategies.

Additional Services In addition, the Elementary School Counselor provides numerous services for the school, including: Coordinates, with the principals, monthly theme assemblies for Colfax and Acmetonia.

Teaches classroom guidance for grades on a weekly basis.

Guidance services

Teaches conflict resolution and peer mediation skills to students to work through peer conflicts. Organizes safety programs for Acmetonia and Colfax through local community organizations. Provides career awareness for students through a Career Fair, seventh-grade scheduling, and classroom guidance.Oct 02,  · a.

Counseling Services This is considered as the “heart and soul” of the guidance program. This service aims to assist students in gaining deeper self-understanding and awareness of one’s problems and the effective use of the decision process by formulating alternatives and projecting consequences of each that allow students to review critically what has taken place and makes .

delivery of information, guidance and counselling services to the heart of a key public policy concern. At the same time, many countries have been adopting more active approaches to policies for the unemployed and for welfare recipients: the concept of mutual obligation is becoming more widespread.

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