Itc e choupal analysis

Suitable for learners at all levels, the case is ideal for modules on strategic change, transformational change in a value chain, and development at the bottom of the pyramid. It also provides excellent insight into how corporations can improve both profits and lifestyles in developing nations while bolstering their worldwide competitiveness.

Itc e choupal analysis

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Itc e choupal analysis

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The Model in Action:

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What way itcs e-choupal and methodical. Bowonder, Vinay E-choupal case study ppt and Amit Singh.Diversified firm ITC has said it is looking to more than double the number of farmers in its e-Choupal network to 10 million by as it gears up to expand farm produce procurement basket.

The e-Choupal business model & supply chain The model is centered on a network of e-Choupals Information system equipped with a computer which has Internet facility A local farmer acts as a Sanchalak or coordinator who runs the village e-Choupal with help from his computer Samyojak or collaborator acts as the provider of logistical support.

ITC e-choupal is a project undertaken by the ITC to help the farmers in getting their share of the price which otherwise is eaten by the middlemen. ITC e-choupal 1.

Overcoming Problems & Challenges

ITCe-Choupalobjectivesand achievements Aim: Aim of this document is to list out the achievements of ITC’s initiative e-Choupal and their achievements both in terms of economic development and Social reforms (CSR).

Jan 10,  · Free OSHA Training Tutorial - Portable Fire Extinguishers - Understanding Their Use and Limitations - Duration: OSHA Training Services , views. attractive, he can take the produce to an ITC collection centre and receive payment within two hours.

The e-Choupal also provides other information to the farmer, including crop-prices, weather and knowledge on scientific farming techniques. Why is it Innovative 1. The eChoupal provided several economics benefits to ITC as well as the customer.

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