Marketing environment and buyer behaviour

Some advertising agencies specialize in advertisements designed specifically to appeal to male consumers.

Marketing environment and buyer behaviour

Answer If a marketer can identify consumer buyer behaviour, he or she will be in a better position to target products and services at them. Buyer behaviour is focused upon the needs of individuals, groups and organisations. It is important to understand the relevance of human needs to buyer behaviour remember, marketing is about satisfying needs.

The model is a little simplistic but introduces the concept a differing consumer needs quite well. To understand consumer buyer behaviour is to understand how the person interacts with the marketing mix.

Consumer Buyer Behaviour

The psychology of each individual considers the product or service on offer in relation to their own culture, attitude, previous learning, and personal perception. The consumer then decides whether or not to purchase, where to purchase, the brand that he or she prefers, and other choices.

The hierarchy is triangular. This is because as you move up it, fewer and fewer people satisfy higher level needs. We begin at the bottom level. Physiological needs such as food, air, water, heat, and the basic necessities of survival need to be satisfied.

At the level of safety, man has a place to live that protects him from the elements and predators. At the third level we meet our social and belongingness needs i. The final two levels are esteem and self-actualisation. Fewer people satisfy the higher level needs.

Esteem means that you achieve something that makes you recognised and gives personal satisfaction, for example writing a book. Self-actualisation is achieved by few.

Marketing environment and buyer behaviour

Here a person is one of a small number to actually do something. For example, Neil Armstrong self-actualised as the first person to reach the Moon. Published by Tim Friesner Marketing Teacher designs and delivers online marketing courses, training and resources for marketing learners, teachers and professionals.

Marketing environment and buyer behaviour

View all posts by Tim Friesner Posted on.The psychology of how the consumer is influenced by his or her environment (e.g., culture, family, signs, media); The behavior of consumers while shopping or making other marketing decisions; Limitations in consumer knowledge or information processing abilities influence decisions and marketing outcome;.

The external marketing environment (1 words) Choose two environments within the external environment to analyses demographic, socio-cultural, economic, technological, natural, competitive and political and legal ( words per environment) Provide a definition of each chosen environment and justify in relation to your product (4 marks) Explain how each chosen environment .

Free Essay: Take Home Test – A. The external marketing environment ( words) Choose two environments within the external environment to analyse -. marketing environment and buyer behaviour Words | 14 Pages. or government involvement in trading agreements.

Political factors are inevitably entwined with Legal factors such as national employment laws, international trade regulations and restrictions, monopolies and mergers’ rules, and consumer protection.

The difference between. The stimulus-response model of buyer behaviour is shown below. According to this model, stimuli in the form of both the external environment and the elements of the marketing mix enter the buyer’s ‘black box’ and interact with the buyer’s characteristics and decision processes to produce a series of outputs in the form of purchase.

At this stage, the buyer recognises a problem or need (e.g. I am hungry, we need a new sofa, I have a headache) or responds to a marketing stimulus (e.g.

you pass Starbucks and are attracted by the aroma of coffee and chocolate muffins).

Consumer Buyer Behaviour