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House Flags[ edit ] House Flags are personal and designed by a company. It is displayed on a port halyard of a Yardarm House flags of the early 20th century Merchant Navy today[ edit ] Despite maintaining its dominant position for many decades, the decline of the British Empirethe rise of the use of the flag of convenienceand foreign competition led to the decline of the merchant fleet. In addition, UK merchant marine interests possessed a further ships registered in other countries and foreign-owned ships were registered in the UK.

Merchant navy

The British Merchant Navy comprises the British merchant ships that transport cargo and people during time of peace and war. For much of its history, the merchant navy was the largest merchant fleet in the world, but with the decline of the British Empire in the midth century it slipped down the rankings.

This includes ships either UK directly owned, parent owned or managed by a British company. British shipping is represented nationally and globally by the UK Chamber of Shipping.

Established inthe Canadian Merchant Navy played a major role in the Battle of the Atlantic bolstering the Allies' merchant fleet due to high losses in the British Merchant Navy.

Eventually thousands of Canadians served in the merchant navy aboard hundreds of Canadian merchant ships, notably the " Park Ship ", the Canadian equivalent of the American " Liberty Ship ".

Merchant navy

A school at St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotiatrained Canadian merchant mariners. Greek Merchant Navy[ edit ] Main article: Greek Merchant Navy Merchant navy controls The Greek maritime fleet is today engaged in commerce and transportation of goods and services universally. It consists of the merchant vessels owned by Greek civilians, flying either the Greek flag or a flag of convenience.

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Greece is a maritime nation by tradition, as Merchant navy is arguably the oldest form of occupation of the Greeks and a key element of Greek economic activity since ancient times. Inthe Greek Merchant Navy controlled the world's largest merchant fleet in terms of tonnage with a total DWT of , tons and a fleet of 5, Greek owned vessels, according to Lloyd's List.

India currently supplies around This is one of the highest of any country. This disc allows him to look into the sky to search for dive bombers without damaging his eyes. In December3, seafarers were employed and merchant vessels were on the New Zealand Registry many larger New Zealand vessels were however registered in London for insurance purposes.

Some foreign vessels were impressed, including the four-masted barque, Pamir.

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New Zealand, like several other Commonwealth nations, created a merchant navy. However, the "wartime Merchant Navy was neither a military force nor a single coherent body", instead it was a "a diverse collection of private companies and ships".

Over the course of the war, 64 ships were sunk by enemy action on the New Zealand—UK route, [9] and merchant seafarers lost their lives a similar number were also taken prisoner.

The Ministry of Port and Shipping, Mercantile Marine Department and Shipping Office established by the Government of Pakistan were authorized to flag the ships and also ensured that the vessels were sea worthy.

In the Indo-Pak war of Pakistan suffered a great loss of its merchant vessels at the hands of Indians. Later, the company was incorporated under the provisions of the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation Ordinance of and the Companies Ordinance of Today, the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation is the national flag carrier.

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The corporation's head office is located in Karachi. A regional office based in Lahore caters for upcountry shipping requirements. The corporation also has an extensive overseas network of agents looking after its worldwide shipping business.

The Pakistan National Shipping Corporation also has several subsidiary companies. Swiss Merchant Marine[ edit ] Main article: Merchant Marine of Switzerland Switzerland, despite being a landlocked country, has a civilian high seas fleet of merchant vessels, whose home port is Baselon the Rhine.

The first ships were purchased and operated by the government in order to ensure the supply of critical resources during World War II. After the war, a privately owned merchant fleet emerged, spurred in part by government subsidies that paid for the fleet's operation up until As of26 ships mostly container carriers totallingtons, operated by five shipping companies, flew the Swiss flag.

Merchant Marine[ edit ] Main article: United States Merchant Marine The United States Merchant Marine is made up of the nation's civilian-owner merchant ships and the men and women who crew them.Jun 18,  · The Navy said the collision inflicted significant damage to the destroyer above and below the water line, flooding berths, a machinery area and the radio room.

The MNTB has responsibility for setting and approving the training frameworks for new entrants into the Merchant Navy. Read More». Join Merchant Navy: AEMA Profile; As A Deck Officer; As An Engineer Officer; As An Electrical Officer; As A Rating; FAQ's for Joining as a Deck Cadet; FAQ's for Joining as a Marine Engineer.

AIMNET to continue as an ENTRANCE TEST to MARITIME TRANING institutes across India.. All India Merchant Navy Entrance Test (AIMNET) is a standeredised test being administrated since , to screen candidates for admission to Maritime allied Training Programmes.

Merchant Navy is different from the navy in the sense that it offers commercial services, as opposed to the navy, which is largely involved in the defence of a nation. Application Forms Now Available Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, carrying cargo all over the world.

Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, carrying cargo all over the world. The merchant ships employ a huge number of workers to carry and deliver goods from one country to another.

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