Mkx9550 past exam

OK, the questions of the assignment: Background Solace Limited Solace is a listed Australian company specialising in private tutoring services. Samantha Solace, a former school teacher who felt the Australian marketplace lacked high quality, low priced tutoring services, originally founded Solace.

MKX past exam paper 1 now, labor vs. When companies decide to go global, it often makes sense to enter in a few countries, than all. Identify the three criteria that companies prefer countries meet to be viable alternatives for entry. Rank high on market attractiveness brand awareness, market size 2.

Rank low in market risk 3. Possess a competitive advantage Indirect exporting: Domestic-based export agents seek and negotiate foreign purchases for a commission. There is less risk. The investment and risk are somewhat greater, but so is the potential return.

A company can carry on direct exporting in several ways: Domestic-based export department or division. Overseas sales branch or subsidiary. Travelling export sales representatives. Foreign-based distributors or agents.

The licensor issues a licence to a foreign company to use a manufacturing process, trademark, patent, trade secret or other item of value of for a fee or royalty. The licensor gains entry at little risk; the licensee gains a production expertise or a well-known product or brand name.

The licensor has less control over the licensee that it does over its own production and sales facilities. A joint venture may be necessary or desirable for economic or political reasons.

The foreign company might lack the financial, physical or managerial resources to undertake the venture alone, or the foreign government might require joint ownership as a condition for entry. The foreign company can buy part of full interest in a local company or build its own facilities.

If the market appears large enough, foreign production facilities offer distinct advantages. First, the company secures cost economies in the form of cheaper labour or raw materials, foreign-government investment incentives and freight savings.

Second, the company strengthens its image in the host country because it creates jobs. Third, the company develops a deeper relationship with government, customer, local suppliers and distributors, enabling it to adapt its products better to the local environment.

Fourth, the company retains full control over its investment and therefore can develop manufacturing and marketing policies that serve its long-term international objectives. Fifth, the company assures itself access to the market in case the host country insists locally purchased goods have domestic content.

List and describe five of these, using examples to illustrate your answer. Using an example explain the difference between the two terms and the significance of it.

Mkx9550 past exam

Needs, wants, and demands: Needs are basic human requirements. Needs become wants when they are directed to specific objects that might satisfy the need. Demands are wants for specific products backed by an ability to pay. Target markets, positioning, and segmentation: Companies address needs by putting forth a value proposition, a set of benefits that they offer to customers to satisfy their needs.


The intangible value proposition is made physical by an offering, which can be a combination of products, services, information and experiences. A brand is an offering from a known source.

The offer delivers value and satisfaction to target buyers. Communication Channels, Distribution channels and service channels.

Raw material to components to final products. Services delivered to final buyer and companies may expand upstream and downstream.

Mkx9550 past exam

Actual and potential rival offering. Any substitute a buyer may consider.Aug 21,  · sample essay of BAO Auditing. a lot of students fell that auditing is hard, but i really think it is a funny unit.

i am not sure it is a useful unit, but it still fun. MKX past exam paper (1) MKX exam paper (2) sample essay of GSB; sample essay of AFX September (6).

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the General Exceptions in Art XX. In so doing, I emphasize T 1, T 2 and T 3 of , T 1 and T 2 year , S1 and S2 of year , S1 and S2 of year , S1 and S2 of year — these past exam papers are more relevant to our current courses as we have used the same textbook, course outline and study guide.

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Aug 23,  · MKX past exam paper (1) now, labor vs. liberal , well, let's see here is the MKX exam paper, totally 8 questions, but you can choose to answer 5 questions in the exam.

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