Oregon business plan steering committee minutes

There was too little information from that meeting to justify a newsletter, so instead, you are getting this email update. There had been a series of adoption work group meetings prior to this meeting where CCOFFA had not been a participant. They had been working out quite a few of the details explaining the process of utilizing a RFA written report being used for adoption. CDSS shared a side-by-side chart see attachment showing how nearly everything required in adoption regulations is required in a RFA written report.

Oregon business plan steering committee minutes

Budget and Planning Committee: The committee may also recommend changes to the Core Theme Objectives, Indicators, Measures, and Targets in order to ensure data collection is meaningful and relevant. To serve as a forum for ongoing fiscal activities such as monthly and quarterly financial reports to the Board.

To identify emerging trends or needs that have a university-wide budgetary impact. To develop its own procedures for budget review and planning. To report to the University Council on the overall priorities for allocation of institutional resources and to recommend policies regarding long-range planning.

In addition, the Vice President of Finance and Administration shall serve non-voting ex officio. The Director of Budget shall be available for the meetings.

Committee members will inform their constituents of the nature and outcomes of Committee deliberations. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the voting membership of the Committee, which will consist of 7 voting members. A committee member with 3 absences within an academic year may be asked to relinquish his or her seat at the end of the first year and be replaced in their second year on the Committee if, after meeting with Committee members, it is determined that the individual is unable or unwilling to carry out the duties of the position.

Individual members are replaced according to election guidelines.

oregon business plan steering committee minutes

Chair The Chair of the Budget and Planning Committee presides over all scheduled committee meetings, helps set and publicize the agenda and communicates Committee recommendations directly and formally to both the University Council and the President.

It is the responsibility of the Committee Chair to represent the Budget and Planning Committee in various campus forums. The chair serves on the Campus Master Plan steering committee. The Vice-chair becomes the chair at a special session meeting at the end of spring term. This special meeting is convened of all the newly elected committee members for the coming year.

Recorder The Budget and Planning Committee Recorder coordinates meeting logistics and communicates those logistics to all members of the Committee, records meeting minutes and distributes minutes subject to committee approval. This position is coordinated through the office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

ASEOU will be accorded an additional member, selected from the elected leadership, that will sit in during terms when one or both of the other representative have scheduling conflicts.

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This third proxy member serves in the place of one member not in addition to a member. Classified members shall be elected by the classified staff in the spring for a two year term beginning in the fall.

Academic Faculty Representatives Academic faculty members shall be elected by the college they represent. Members are elected in the spring for a two-year term beginning in the fall. Library Faculty Representatives Library faculty members shall be elected by the librarians they represent.Proper Economic Resource Management (PERM) is a conservation club dedicated to balanced solutions to natural resource issues.

It was almost parody, the way he rolled in, Ryan Zinke's six-foot-four frame hunched in the bucket seat of a black SUV. The tires sent up dust as they stopped, and out stepped the secretary of the. The Climate Action Steering Committee (CASC) helps to establish a public engagement process for the adoption of the Community Climate Action Plan three business representatives (one BEDAB seat, two at-large business), two environmental community representatives, two local government or institutional representatives, two at-large .

Founded in , CS&A is a pioneer and a recognised leader in the field of Risk, Crisis and Business Continuity Management. We service clients across industry sectors globally from key geographic locations in Europe, Asia and the United States. These Directors conduct a variety of public meetings that include regular and to Oregon public advancing the goals of the Long-Range Transit Plan.

Minutes for OISRA Nordic Division Steering Committee Plan for better traffic The Nordic Steering Committee shall conduct all business and determine.

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