Performance management 7 essay


Performance management 7 essay

Performance Management Systems Do performance management systems lead to better quality public services? According to Armstrong performance management can be defined as a strategic and integrated approach to delivering sustained success to businesses, in this instance public services, by improving the performance of the employees by developing the capabilities of team and individual contributors.

A performance management system sets out to establish organisational goals and objectives to ensure that a business is successful and employees perform to the highest possible standard.

Performance Management Essay Sample

The system also identifies any problems with a pubic service and monitors progression in the form of improved performance. It is important to establish whether performance management systems will improve public services because they affect every individual in the UK.

A good example of where a performance management system is needed for better quality of safety, reliability, punctuality, and comfort is on UK railways and on the London Underground. This essay aims to establish whether the successful implementation and use of performance management systems will lead to a higher quality of education, health, police force and public transport system.

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He suggested that investment alone was not enough to increase the quality of public services and he believed that society was driving the focus away from the s financial focused businesses to focus on successful public orientated businesses.

The need for public service improvement comes from the increasing number of people living longer; more treatable diseases which results in a higher use of the NHS; more people are staying in education for longer and going onto university and higher numbers of the public are using public transport.

Therefore, the Prime Minsiter believes that there is a need to better public services, one method being the adoption of performance management systems. According to Armstrongperformance management systems are integrated into a business at four levels, to attain the broader issues of a business whilst simultaneously achieving the same goals.

The four levels of integration which performance management aims to gain are; vertical integration which link the business, team and individual objectives, functional integration which link the different parts of an organisation, HR integration which associates business development, HR development and reward in order to achieve a coherent approach to managing employees and finally the integration of individual needs with a business to establish the best performance.

Performance management 7 essay

In essence, performance management systems aim to establish a shared understanding about what is to be achieved in the workplace. The reasons for establishing a performance management system in public service organisations are to ensure that both the organisation and employees alike produce better results and a higher quality output.

Performance management 7 essay

In order for performance management to be a success it is important that public services are adequaltely staffed, the governments plan in was to recruit an additional- 20, nurses, 10, doctors, 10, teachers and 6, police recruits. This should allow employees to work better and give the public service access to better educated employees who will perform to a higher standard and who will accept change and constant monitoring of their job.

Armstrong agrees that performance management is an ongoing and flexible process which requires employers, managers and employees to work as partners within a set framework to achieve the same results.

One of the most important aspects of a successful business and performance management systems is to establish good lines of communication. If public services achieve this they will improve their performance towards customers and within the organisation because problems will be identified and resolved quickly and efficiently and employees will feel they can converse more easily with top management which will guarantee better understanding of their job and thus they will produce a better service.

As abovementioned performance management systems will ensure the business can cope with performance problems, Armstrong suggests taking a number of basic steps to eradicate setbacks.

Firstly a public service must identify a problem and agree a solution, secondly a performance management system can help a business establish an explanation for their shortfall, and in the case of the NHS it will identify the reasons for the long waiting lists for patients.

Thirdly, public services can agree on action to be taken in regards to poor performance, for example in areas outside of London in somewhere like Farnham, Surrey, bus services are infrequent and poorly time managed.

With a good system in place bus services will be able to establish from the public a better service which will also ensure the increased usage of public transport in the area.

Lastly, it is important that public services encourage and monitor public and employee feedback to ensure problems do not reoccur. The aforementioned will guarantee that public services will benefit from performance management systems as they will be able to provide a better quality service to the public.

Bannock Consultancy suggests that performance management is simply an ongoing communication process between people who work together. In their opinion everyone wins if public service employees are directed and supported so that they can work as effectively and efficiently as possible in line with the needs of their customers - the general public.

High quality public services will be offered if clear expectations and understanding about the results to be achieved are established. Performance Management is a system. That is, it has a number of parts, all of which need to be included if public services are to produce a good service to customers, bring value to the business and to the employees themselves.

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In essence, Bannock Consultancy confirms that performance management systems will lead to better quality public services if a variety of tools are used to control the process. These include, for example: This will ensure closer control is maintained and any problems that arise are eradicated quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, to establish high quality public services it is essential that businesses adapt their performance management systems to coincide with the demands of the public. However, if the employees of businesses servicing the public are not content with their jobs, then regardless of business objectives, performance will suffer.

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Performance Management | Essay Example Management A good PM system is the central nervous system of the organization since it is providing operational intelligence on a real time basis, indicating performance relative to goals, effectiveness and efficiency of programs and services, performance of processes, and customer. Performance Management System is a process of setting objectives, making plans to achieve those objectives and accomplishing the desired results.
Business Essay - Performance Management Systems - Free Business Essay - Essay UK To diminish the cynicism and to assure that the performance management interview is successful employees should know what is expected of them on a daily basis.
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Therefore, it is crucial that employees receive annual performance reviews, appraisals and personal development plans to encourage a better performance from every individual. Further, Bannock Consultancybelieve that performance management systems can be linked in with performance related pay.

For example, if bus drivers are rewarded for maintaining good time keeping on route, then they will provide customers with a good and reliable public service and more customers will use the service. As a direct result of pay it is possible to enhance the performance of public service employees which in turn will reflect a superior quality service to the general public.

This highlights the importance of a good work balance which takes into consideration, employees, customers and the managers.According to Armstrong () performance management can be defined as a strategic and integrated approach to delivering sustained success to businesses, in this instance public services, by improving the performance of the employees by developing the capabilities of team.

Performance management Essay examples; Performance management Essay examples. Words 3 Pages. Performance management WPA needs to manage the performance of its employees effectively if it is to remain competitive.

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There are many methods that WPA can use to manage the performance of their employees. Performance Management Words | 7. Essay on Performance Management.

Running Head: Performance Management and Organizational Goals Assignment # 1 Performance Management and Organizational Goals HRM Dr. Marie Germain Strayer University By Michele Deadwyler April 24, Introduction Performance Management (PM) consists of activities that ensure that organizational goals are being met in an effective and efficient .

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Performance management is designed to enhance this personal responsibility. It implies that you are not responsible for the work of others that is important to the organization. It focusing on individual responsibility reduces an employee’s responsibility to the organization and the activities that are not his or her job.

Performance Management System is a process of setting objectives, making plans to achieve those objectives and accomplishing the desired results.

This pAPER describes about the Performance Management System which is followed in many of the companies.

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