Rh bill and sintax bill

Separability Clause, Repealing Clause, Effectivity Summary of major provisions[ edit ] The bill mandates the government to "promote, without biases, all effective natural and modern methods of family planning that are medically safe and legal. Companies with fewer than workers are required to enter into partnership with health care providers in their area for the delivery of reproductive health services. Those with fewer than workers shall enter into partnerships with health professionals for the delivery of reproductive health services.

Rh bill and sintax bill

We are here to provide you with daily tips and facts for your Health, Fitness, and Well-being. On the other hand President Aquino and some members of Congress believe that the bill will promote sustainable human development in the country, it is needed to reduce high birthrates among the poor.

What is RH Bill? The Reproductive Health RH bill promotes information on and access to both natural and modern family planning methods, which are medically safe and legally permissible. It assures an enabling environment where women and couples have the freedom of informed choice on the mode of family planning they want to adopt based on their needs, personal convictions and religious beliefs.

The bill does not have any bias for or against either natural or modern family planning. Both modes are contraceptive methods. Their common purpose is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It proposes that the Philippine government and the private sector will fund and undertake widespread distribution of family planning devices such as condoms, birth control pills BCPs and IUDs.

Coverage of the RH Bill: Information and access to natural and modern family planning. Maternal, infant and child health and nutrition. Promotion of breast feeding. Prevention of abortion and management of post-abortion complications.

Adolescent and youth health.

SIN-TAX BILL/ HOUSE BILL ~ Simple Thoughts

Elimination of violence against women. Counseling on sexuality and sexual and reproductive health. Treatment of breast and reproductive tract cancers. Male involvement and participation in RH.

Rh bill and sintax bill

Prevention and treatment of infertility. Age-appropriate reproductive health and sexuality education from fifth grade to high school. Support and Criticism of the RH Bill: Those that support the RH argue that: Economic studies, especially the experience in Asia show that rapid population growth and high fertility rates, especially among the poor, exacerbate poverty and make it harder for the government to address it.

Empirical studies show that poverty incidence is higher among big families. Maternal deaths could be reduced if they had access to basic healthcare and essential minerals like iron and calcium, according to the DOH.

Use of contraception, which the World Health Organization has listed as essential medicines, will lower the rate of abortions as it has done in other parts of the world, according to the Guttmacher Institute. At the heart of the bill is the free choice given to people on the use of reproductive health, enabling the people, especially the poor to have the number of children they want and can care for.

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Those that oppose the RH Bill argue that:RH bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on Birth control and maternal care.. Hopes to provide midwives for skilled attendance to childbirth and emergency obstetric. Quick Links: SC stops RH law implementation RH bill passes House on final reading Yay or nay?

But the huge turnout of the anti-RH rally last April 27 has inspired the Bacolod diocese. Dec 20,  · Sintax Bill 2. The road to a reformed sin tax structure was thorny. critic of the bill. The House approved the proposed RH law less than six months after passing an equally controversial measure, the sin tax reform bill.

The ruling Words: — Pages: Rh Bill. 10/23/ ARGUMENTS IN RH BILL The Reproductive health bill or RH bill is a comprehensive law in the Philippines that promotes birth control and maternal the bill has been introduced as early as the year by Albany Representative Excel Lagan but the bill has not been implemented nor approved in the congress and in the senate.

e. Reproductive Health Care - is the constellation of methods, techniques and services that contribute to reproductive health and well being by preventing & solving reproductive health-related problems. The services includes Family Planning (FP), Maternal & Child REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILL (HB ). With the “sin tax” bill having cleared the Senate, the sin tax debate now moves to the bicameral conference committee with legislators hoping to bridge the Pbillion revenue gap between the.

Rh bill and sintax bill
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