Solar power in meerwada india essay

Workers downed tools, kids strained to see their schoolbooks under the faint glow of aged kerosene lamps and adults struggled to carry out the most basic of household chores.

Solar power in meerwada india essay

Access to reliable and affordable electricity can help support income-generating activity and allow utilisation of modern appliances and agricultural equipment whilst replacing inefficient and polluting kerosene lighting.

Solar Home Systems SHS and small solar panel systems have been used in such niche applications especially in projects that requiring small loads of W.

SHS do not have sufficient capacity to serve small rural industries and groups of villages with kw demand profiles. Considering the high push by the government and the large opportunity for changing the lives of millions in a developing India, rural solar SPV projects are picking up pace in the country.

Pilot for grid independent solar power projects in four villages across Bihar, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Solar power in meerwada india essay

Now Meerwada has power This project empowered more thanpeople in the tribal state and illuminating thousands of households. Methodology Our methodology on suggesting a business model is based on locating a village which has higher solar energy potential but has no means to harness that potential.

Successful implementation of renewable sources of energy is ossible only after enquiring about the problems faced by people and their energy requirements on a daily basis. This coupled with information about the available cost effective solutions and assistance provided by government, would enhance our ability in deciding a decentralised implementation of rural solar energy system.

After searching through the web and inquiring from our acquaintances in Gurgaon, we found out about this village Meoka, which had some connection to solar energy, since the Yuva foundation has Solar power in meerwada india essay people below poverty line there by providing solar led bulbs. Located around 22 kilometres from Gurgaon, this is a small village with population around The Internet and Contemporary Business Environments There are around 85 families residing in Meoka, as per our survey.

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Suggesting some business model for solar energy system implementation could be useful only after analysing the needs and limits of people of this village. So we surveyed some families about the daily energy needs and the means they used to satisfy it. Not surprisingly the availability of electricity was limited.

Not only it was available in a small fraction of houses, but also in the ouses where it was available, it was limited for only a few hours in a day.


We found this fact useful though, saving energy when available and using it later would be a better solution here. Some families were able to direct this electric power to use in irrigation of fields, while others relied on traditional irrigation means.

The domestic needs of people, for most families, were met by kerosene- for cooking, lighting with kerosene lamps. Some subsidy is provided by government-for a few litres of kerosene. We estimated the amount of kerosene used on a daily basis. A fraction of people were aware of other means of energy -solar power in particular, but were reluctant or mostly ignorant about these.

For our implementation to be effective, we had to show not only the benefits of solar energy for environment but also the financial aspects of it for them.

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The potential setting was good enough, proper place on rooftop to support a simple solar home lighting system. We enquired various dealers about the systems that would best fit our scenario.

Survey Findings Why we need to replace the current system? Is the new system we were going uggest is going to be cost efficient?

To give answer of all these questions we surveyed households and asked those questions about their domestic and commercial energy needs. Our main focus was on meeting their domestic needs.

Keeping all the factors in mind we contacted Primus Energy Solutions to find out the solar panel cost, installation and maintenance costs. The problems faced with these resources are electricity upply available for only a few hours in day and with kerosene lamps is that they are one of the most inefficient widely used sources of light.

Some houses also pointed out the problems of fumes and inefficient lightening with kerosene lamps. Before suggesting them alternative model of solar panel installation we calculated the cost of kerosene burnt by them over the year in lightening only.

Kerosene in the village on subsidized rate provided by government is INR Amount of kerosene used by them is 1 Lin four days. So with this data we calculated that per year amount of money they spent on kerosene is INR The amount spent on kerosene is not that much as we can see.

So the alternative solution they were expecting from us should be cheaper and more efficient then kerosene. We did the cost analysis for the new system to make them believe that it is a better, cheaper and efficient option over years.this is the yolo grade assignment.

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The activist and actor says most Americans don’t agree with Donald. In recent years, India has seen a boom in the installation of grid-connected solar power.

A press release by India’s Ministry of New & Renewable Energy from August estimates that the solar power capacity of the country stands at 7, MW. Data released in May by India’s Ministry of Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy shows there has been a % increase in solar power capacity between .

Residents lives have changed immensely, all because of one idealistic solution; solar energy. Although only a village of four hundred people, Meerwada proves to India and the rest of the world that solar power is truly the new, sustainable source of energy (“Solar Power and Renewable Energy”).

Aug 01,  · SunEdison, which sells solar power plants and services worldwide to commercial, government and utility customers, has over 50 MW of interconnected solar electricity in India, with projects ranging.

- Solar Power-The Energy of the Future Abstract: Solar energy, once thought impossible for use as a consumer power source, is steadily growing in its applications and affordability.

Solar power in meerwada india essay

Laboratories and government agencies are optimistic that solar power will soon .

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