Technopreneurship in malaysia business plan

With the destitute of entrepreneurial references or lessons, the Malay entrepreneurs very quickly studied and learnt trading from various global traders that landed on the shores of Malaya. The list below is non-bias and not in any particular order. Malay Entrepreneurs making waves in the Asian economy 1.

Technopreneurship in malaysia business plan

Having a business plan is important when deciding to open a business. It is basically a document that illustrates your plans and goals for the business. It is extremely important to find the right consultant or expert in guiding you about the business which are accordance with the Malaysian law.

Not only that, in Malaysia, if an investor is planning to acquire loan in a bank, they may require a business plan. The people working in the bank will analyze the business plan before handing out the loan.

In addition to that, if you are looking to attract investors, you need a business plan to show them your plan and the expected Return of Profit. The top reasons on why a company needs a business plan in Malaysia are given below: To avoid big mistakes As business plan in Malaysia Nowadays, without a business planmany young entrepreneurs fail and by the time they realize how important having a business plan is, it is too late.

Often, these young entrepreneurs do not bother making a business plan as they think that it is unnecessary until one day, they realize that they did not have enough capital to reach their plan or goals.

technopreneurship in malaysia business plan

Having a business plan will assure that everyone in the company is aware of the goals and plans. By thinking straight, it means that they lose sight of the reality and all they think about is their passion and many new business ideas.

By having a business plan, it helps you focus on your objective and initial plan. Besides that, it is a safety measure as well. For instance, what if this idea does not work, what should they change to improve or keep the business going. Without a business plan, the company will surely not have a proper instructions or manual to follow if the company starts losing.

It is also a way of trying to convince them to lend you the loan to start the business. It is to assure them that they will be getting their money back as well. To summarize everything, preparing a business plan plays an important role in order for the business to function or operate.

It ensures that the plan will be played out accordingly. The goal or mission of the company will be easier to accomplish by setting it up in the business plan. However make sure you have done your own personal research before planning it. Can I make a business plan for an existing business?

technopreneurship in malaysia business plan

It will help your current employees know better about the companies plan. In addition, it can help plan the financial well at the same time.


Can I make a business plan if my business is currently growing? Yes, you definitely can. This will help you raise capitals and it can help you create ways or strategy to manage your business growth.The Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology or better known for their acronym MIGHT is an independent non-profit technology think tank under the purview of the Prime Minister's Department.

It was established in to support the Science Advisor to the Prime Minister and leverage on the multi-disciplinary and inter-ministerial.

Apr 07,  · the generation of technopreneurship in Malaysia. These also include institutional frameworks for promoting re-search and development (R&D) and human development INCUBATORS AS CATALYSTS IN DEVELOPING HIGH TECHNOLOGY BUSINESSES: MALAYSIA’S EXPERIENCE advice business plan assistance and access to funding and seed money.

To raise capital (As business plan in Malaysia) No matter whom you plan to take a loan from, family, friends or financial institution, showing your business plan to them is the best way to communicate.

14 Successful Malay Entrepreneurs in Malaysia May 29, Jason Malaysia holds a strong Malay population of 70% and that certainly contributes a large pool of malay entrepreneurs throughout the years even before she gained independence. TECHNOPRENEURSHIP LEADERSHIP STYLES AND MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION UNIVERSITI TEKNIKAL MALAYSIA MELAKA LEADERSHIP STYLES AND BUSINESS PERFORMANCE EFFECTIVENESS.

MALISA SUHANA BINTI [email protected] MATZIN that the existence of a business plan is positively correlated with economic results, and. A Review on the Relationship Between Business Plan Learning Outcomes and Business Plan Simulation in Entrepreneurial Education MGA Ghani, N Mohamad, AR Yunus, H Musa Journal of Engineering and Technology (JET) 8 (2),

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